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Production Support Engineer

Fort Less, NJ
Production Support Engineers ensure that production systems are running smoothly and that users receive assistance with questions or issues throughout the 24 x 5.5 work day.  Production Support Engineers monitor systems to ensure availability and responsiveness and work closely with developers and quality assurance (QA) personnel to suggest system improvements as well as perform basic quality assurance functions.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Production Support Engineers are integral members of the development and delivery team whose responsibilities include:
  • Handle email and phone (help line) requests swiftly and efficiently, apprising clients of the status of issues along the way to resolution.  Inspire confidence among clients that issues will be resolved to their satisfaction.
  • Interface with clients’ trading, operations, and technology teams and assist users who may be unfamiliar with system functions or are having difficulties with the system. 
  • Troubleshoot problems by assessing situations and consulting, when necessary, with their Rebar colleagues and/or with client personnel.
  • Issue logging / tracking and follow-through until resolution. 
  • Share findings with development and quality assurance teams to ensure that systems fixes get implemented preventing future occurrences.
  • Document learnings in knowledge bases and supply edits to run books to help others should they encounter similar questions or problems.
  • Work effectively in a fast paced and demanding environment troubleshooting complex systems
  • Basic understanding of electronic trading and worldwide markets
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Familiarity with helpdesk procedures and trouble ticket systems
  • Strong Linux command line skills, Unix Shell Scripts, SQL knowledge
  • Understand FIX protocol and troubleshoot issues with broker connections
  • Knowledge of system monitoring tools and proficiency in Windows and Linux OS usage.  Ability to scan log files to assess and analyze issue.
  • Ability to learn the specifics of operating Rebar systems, which often requires independent learning.
  • Ability to perform root-cause analyses and document learnings in the knowledge base.
  • Methodically test software to identify potential issues and solutions.
  • Extensive experience with financial markets and trading processes
  • Minimum 5 years’ professional experience
Education and/or Experience
Bachelor’s Degree

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